About Pontus

Teen-sensation Pontus Rasmusson’s explosion onto the music scene has been several years in the making. The success of his covers and several singles on iTunes, Spotify and many other online music stores have taken him from nobody to somebody. Pontus started to sing before he could talk and music came naturally to him from his early years.

Pontus is also a well-known YouTuber with a YouTube channel with millions of views from people keen to see his challenges, music videos and other fun content. His covers, and his own produced material, have gained him thousands of followers (Over 350 000) on all of his social medias.

Pontus motto underpins his ambition to sing what he loves: “To achieve, you must be fighting”.

With 2 albums, +30 singles, things are set to prosper even further for Pontus Rasmusson. We predict an exciting career, that is ready to take him all over the world. Pontus is going to continue producing sick YouTube videos, new music and covers. Look out for him; someday he might come to your city. - Stay Update on Instagram

Om Pontus

Pontus Rasmusson är artisten, tonårsidolen och Youtubern som synts flitigt på event över hela Sverige.

Pontus Spotify och Youtube-kanal har idag miljontals visningar och under åren som gått har hans sociala
medier genererat tiotusentals fans. Totalt har Pontus över 350 000 fans som följer honom dagligen i det han gör.

Pontus skapar, som många andra Youtubers, s.k. "family-friendly" content och har lyckats bygga upp en trogen fanbase som följer hans sociala medier och som dessutom vill träffa honom och han är populär bland både yngre och äldre som kommer till de event han medverkar på.


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Fanmail: pontusofficial@gmail.com


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